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This RFC 5782-compliant DNS blocklist lists individual IP sources from which mail delivery into my spamtrap has been attempted. Currently there is no de-listing so don't even bother to ask.

If you've received a mail error telling you to go here, I'm afraid you're out of luck because the mailserver you're using is being abused to send out spam, and I don't want any of that so I simply don't wanna talk with that mailserver and thus you cannot send mail to anyone here.

If your ISP were even slightly professional, this would never have happened in the first place. Please go bitch to them and then change ISP to someone else who isn't supporting spam and network abuse. That'll hopefully teach your old ISP not to support spam!

Wanna use this list? - Feel free to do so (it's a standard DNS-based RBL), but remember that this list is based on my personal preferences and that your mileage may way. Use at own risk!

This blocklist currently holds 270736 active blocked IPs (62.22 IPs added per day on average).

Lookup IP:

Result: Not listed!

Details: was not found active in the database.

Additional info on the IP:

Technical Info

All listed IPs exists as reverse format subdomains under the zone, as defined in RFC 5782.

Looking up IP is done by querying any nameserver for all records in the zone and look at the answer received: The nameserver at runs bind on a Debian GNU/Linux platform.